Jasper "Jaz" Joyner

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Jasper (they/them) is a Memphis-based author, humorist, and poet. Their work has been featured in The Offing, Oldster Mag, Huffington Post, Bitch Mag, anthology book OUTSIDE THE XY, and many others. Jasper currently runs two awesome newsletters—one self-titled, with the hopes of bringing biweekly whimsy to people's inboxes, and the other called HERE TO COMPLAIN, where annoyed Black and PoC folks share their microaggressive work stories. They also mentor at the Sam & Devorah Trans Youth Project. Jasper's new chapbook, A FLAMBOYANCE, is out now with Bottlecap Press, and their YA fantasy novel, JUNIPER LEAVES, is available where books are sold.

A Flamboyance, a chapbook - Bottlecap Press, June 2023

Phil's Carbon Copy- Oldster Mag, JANUARY 2023

A Letter for Pauli Murray - Queerly Trans, April 2021

Interview with Comedian Sheria Mattis - Why Are You Funny, APRIL 2022

Trans People Deserve to Lead in Our Laughter- Teen Vogue, AUGUST 2017

Interview: Sassyblack - Afropunk, JUNE 2017

Juniper Leaves, YA novel excerpt - The Offing, DEC 2017

Testosterone Helped Me Feel Like Myself — Why I Stopped Taking It - HuffPost, JULY 2016

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