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Award-winning author, editor, and poet ​based in Memphis, TN.

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jasper joyner

Writer (they/them)

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Jasper (they/them) is a Memphis-based author, humorist, poet ​and managing editor at Focus Magazine. Their work has been ​featured in The Offing, Oldster Mag, Huffington Post, Bitch Mag, ​anthology book OUTSIDE THE XY, and many others. Jasper ​currently runs two awesome newsletters—one self-titled, with ​the hopes of bringing biweekly whimsy to people's inboxes, and ​the other called HERE TO COMPLAIN, where annoyed black and ​brown folks share their microaggressive work stories. They also ​mentor at the Sam & Devorah Trans Youth Project. Jasper's ​chapbook, A FLAMBOYANCE, with Bottlecap Press, and their ​debut YA novel, JUNIPER LEAVES, are out now. PANSY: A BLACK ​AMERICAN MEMOIR is coming October 2024.

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October 2024


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